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Cooperation Friendship Learning

Grand River Karate is a not-for-profit volunteer community organization that has served the Waterloo region and area since 1994. We enjoy teaching and training in a traditional Okinawan martial art called Shorin Ryu Shido-kan Karate-do. The style is based on natural body movements, making it very fluid, efficient and effective form of self defence.This comprehensive program is designed for kids, teens and adults who wish to enhance their fitness level, focus, spirit and confidence.

Grand River Karate is one of 3 affiliated Shido-kan dojos in Ontario. In addition to our location there is London Shido-kan operated by Sensei Larry Bowlby and in Guelph is Shido-kan Canada (Canadian headquarters) run by Sensei Roy Paul. The head of Shido-kan North America Beikoku Association, is Seikichi Iha Sensei, Hanshi 10th Dan.

It is Iha Sensei's hope that with the help of their training in karate-do, his students can learn to cope with any situation, be persistent, face problems with courage, take care of themselves, to realize their optimum potential and to feel good about themselves. He frequently tells his students that "Friendship and cooperation are the most important part of karate."

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Kids Session $40/8 weeks. Parent's train for only $10. Click Here.

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Article - Realizing Their Pontenital 
by Marshall Ward
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Kids Session - Now Full
Fall Session -
Thursday Sept 29, 2015
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Iha Sensei Seminar and
Shidokan Canada 20th Anniv

June 3, 4, 2015

Open House
May 12, 2016, 6:30 pm
GRK students and parents should arrive by 6:00 pm

NTS (National Training Seminar)
Special 40th Anniversary
July 21-24, 2016